Monday, 23 October 2017

Download Summertime SAGA v0.14.1 Mod Save Data

Download Summertime SAGA v0.14.1 Mod Apk+Save Data

Summertime Saga v0.14.1 Save Data is fully supported by generous donations in Patreon. Please give us a bit of your loose change if you have backup.

Nowadays many are looking for Save Data End of this Game, in fact this game is a game for the age of 18+, because it includes the game genre Adult, for adults. for those of you who are not old enough are expected not to download this game.

New Feature Summertime SAGA v0.14.1 Mod Save Data :

  • Visit Sis/Mom/Bunt to improve their story and add new scenes. Separate Somrak DEX from sis story development.
  • Add more Erik /Ny. The story of Johnson and Mia became more complete and complete. Along with more scenes h.
  • Repair gameplay/statistics/general mechanics like search trackers and ways to show where the game part is still in the development process
  • Add dating system, which will expand the gameplay for schoolchildren (Mia for now) and give more meaning to NPC dating.
  • Add more major search content developments (bad guys) and stuff related to it (Pizza and Car rental)
  • Keep adding new content and do not worry about re-reviewing things. I love new characters and we can fix them later.

Download Summertime SAGA v0.14.1 Save Data

(!) Input Android/Data/summer .time.saga/files/save/and paste here the file

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